We want off the 'toxic treadmill'

Known as the 'Big 6' - Monsanto, Dow, BASF, Bayer, Syngenta and DuPont dominate the global seed, pesticide & ag biotech markets. This handful of corporations control the fate of food & farming by keeping the global food system on a toxic treadmill: pushing one product after another in pursuit of poisoned profits.

Our health, livelihoods & the sustainability of our food system are all on the line. How do the Big 6 pesticide/biotech corporations affect your life?

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e.g. "Hey Big 6: I am a [farmer/ farmworker/ food lover/ beekeeper/ mom/ dad/ student etc.], and I want off your toxic treadmill. [add your story: how pesticides have affected you, or why you care about safe, fair food]. We want our food system back!"

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I have lived in Earlimart my whole life.  I guess my family and neighbors are the poster children of what can go wrong when you grow up around pesticide applications.  Before they were table grapes, now they are almond trees.  Both these crops use very many applications of bad actor pesticides that can cause cancer, reproductive and nervous system damaging illnesses. Always we just would accept the spray.  The headaches and the nausea would come and go.  We did not know we could report the drift.  We did not know who to call when it would leave droplets on us.  Through the years my neighbors began talking about the various cancers they had come out with.  One neighbor learned of her brain cancer and died a month later.  Another neighbor had a double mastectomy.  A couple of children got leukemia and have since then died at the age of 19.  More and more neighbors said the child they had  was diagnosed with autism more frequently.  My son who is 19 is also diagnosed with autism. The little school bus that used to carry 10 kids now carries 30.  My father , and my two uncles both died from prostate cancer.  My grandson was born prematurely after a big pesticide drift.   That accident sickened close to 200 people with burning eyes, nausea, headaches, and dizziness.  This is very unjust that we are being effected by pesticides, the test scores of our kids are lower than normal kids at their age.  I am infuriated by being inundated by the several types of different pesticides over the years over and over.  Here instead of enjoying the springtime, we dread it because that is when the most pesticide applications are done.  The pretty blossoms are very deceptive indeed.